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This… will be receiving a series of SMART goals in 2008. Stay tuned.

Chapter one - down

I have completed my review of chapter 1 of Wheelock’s Latin. I’m disappointed because the workbook exercises, while tedious, are great review. However, there’s no answer key. From looking over the main text book, I think the answer key is electronic through the website, and in order to access it you need to be an instructor who has adopted the text.

Oh well, I managed to find all of the answers in the chapter itself to correct it. I’m just worried about correcting my work when I get into chapters 20+ and start hitting concepts that are new or that I never understood in the first place.

On to chapter two!


Ok… I broke out my Wheelock’s. I have the text book and the workbook. Even though this will be a pretty severe review, I plan to do one unit a week. It should take me 40 weeks to complete the book. That’s 40 weeks of constant review of Latin.

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