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become more politically aware

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what I've learned about Libya

I know it’s about Gadaafi…will investigate this more tomorrow.


find out what the fuck is going on in Libya. I had to find out about Egypt from my grandma, now it’s Libya, I have no clue who needs to step down and why….Gods I need to watch more news channels or…something.

I'm so glad I have smart friends

There are so many misconceptions I’ve had about politics that I didn’t know before. I know it probably annoys my friend Scott slightly but he’s the more knowledgable one so he gets the questions, lol.

The more I learn, the more I see that once you get into it, politics isn’t quite as hard to understand as it seems. I also feel so stupid for being so clueless this long.

Joined a forum!

But still lurking though. It’s called crossfire or whatnot. I was thinking of going to just a liberal forum but I like listening to the opinions and finding out the reasons behind them on the other side of the fence as well. Helps me to learn and understand more.

I must say though that I’m not sure where to begin, I never knew how very very little I know about politics. So that is why I’m still lurking on the forums. Kind of afraid to write anything, lol. There’s just so many different issues and topics that politics cover that I know nothing about, it’s somewhat mind boggeling.

Oh well, guess I should read up on some of them or find one I’m more familiar with and then treat it like a pool and introduce myself and dive right in.

I'm thinking

of joining a forum that’s really political. Besides reading the newspaper and stuffs, maybe if I started getting interactive and talking with people it would help me learn more about politics and become more politically aware.

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