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Just found the article....

and its truth is intuitively obvious to me. Clearly, Chris Anderson “gets” the way technology shapes business.

Now, this stuff fascinates me. REALLY fascinates me. As in, I’d consider making a career out of being an expert on this stuff. (Granted, my present problem is too many career options, not too few, but i keep hoping to find something interdisciplinary that ties my interests together.)

How do you study this stuff? Get a Ph D in econ, marketing, sociology? Get an MBA and go to work for online startups? Be entrepreneurial, start your own business, and learn from bitter experience?

I’m curious….

Incidentally, here’s a similar observation related to the software development industry: I’ve noticed that there’s real money to be made apart from the commodity skills in things like Miva. I don’t want to learn esoteric technologies like that shudder but it is something to think about.

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