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Not quite there yet...

I was doing so well, but something is keeping me from stopping completely. I have been reduced to an occasional smoker who buys loose cigarettes every now and then… This is still a big step for me. Hoping this will fizzle down to not smoking at all very soon.

Still fighting the good fight...

I have been smoke free (again) for 27 days today, and counting….
This is so hard… Fingers crossed, prayers said.

I called my local 311...

...to access their Stop Smoking services. They recently had a campaign that offered help to those who want to stop smoking by offering FREE patches or gum. I called, answered the questionnaire, and received the gum. Was hoping for the patches, but according to my answers they felt the gum was what I needed. Have I started using the gum? Yes. Am I using it exclusively and not smoking? No… (sigh)

Doing better than I thought with it, and not smoking everyday, but this is not something I see myself sticking with. I don’t know about anyone else’s experience with the nicotine gum, but I don’t like it. Yeah, it’s mint flavored, and I don’t have to chew it constantly, but I don’t like the taste and it’s very sticky.

Until I can find it in myself to just go cold turkey, or find another way to stop, I’ll chew the gum – sometimes… But, I’m not gonna like it and you can’t make me.


I really, really, really needed to do that. I’ve been going cold turkey, and I’m feeling it.

I'm still struggling...

...and I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve cut back a lot, but I am still smoking. Staying positive and hoping for the best…

Trying Something Different

I just watched the Oprah show that was on today with Dr. Oz on how to stop smoking. I don’t want to use any kind of medication, and I’m not completely opposed to the patches, gum, and other things like that to help me along. I will check the information given on this show online and see if I can find something that will work for me. I got a few questions answered about this horrible habit of mine, and I’m ready to try something new to help me stop.

Here’s the link for those who are interested:
Breath Easier: Stop Smoking

I'm having a hard time....

...dealing with the cravings. I have to find a way to reprogram my brain. This is harder than I thought it would be. I do have support, which helps a lot, but I still have a long road ahead.

It's been one month...

...and after a stumble, I’m holding on. The urge is still there though, but from I understand it shouldn’t be. Wonder what that’s about?

I smoked today....

...and I feel like shit. Couldn’t finish the cigarette. Once I inhaled the first time, it made me feel sick and I choked on the smoke. Not exactly sure what triggered me to smoke, as there are a few things that could be the cause. Either way, I’m disappointed because I have been doing pretty well up to now. But because I hated it so much, I’m hoping that was enough to keep me away from wanting to do it again. :-(

20 days smoke free

It’s been hard, but I’m hanging in…

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