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stop smoking

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Cold Turkey

My last cigarette was on December 9, 2007. So far, so good. I’ve been in stressful situations lately, which have triggered my cravings, but I have been able to hold on and not smoke.

At first I was questioning my ability to go without cigarettes, but have decided not to and just let it be. I’m doing well, and expect success.

Wish me luck…

Cutting back...

I tried stopping cold turkey, but that didn’t work. I was miserable, and on edge most of the time. I’ve decided to cut back instead.

I don’t smoke during the day at all. This is easier for me when I’m working Monday through Friday, but I am getting better with dealing with it on the weekends. Just recently I was in the hospital for four days, and I was able to make it through without smoking at all! :-) Soon I will be cutting back on my evening smoking.

I’ve had people tell me try the patch or the gum, but I want to try to do this without using anything but my brain power and my willpower.

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