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Stop caring what other people think of me


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I haven’t completely done this, but I’m much better than I was last year. I still care about some people’s negative thoughts of me (these people are in my family). My oldest brother thinks I’m lazy because I don’t work (even though I’m a full time college student) and his ex-girlfriend is always looking me up and down like she’s judging me and it’s annoying.

I’m working on not caring about their opinions because they’re not doing well in life AT ALL; but I just have to work on my self-esteem.


Caring about waht others think has stopped me from voicing my opinion. It has also stopped me from experimenting with my look because I was afriad of the reaction. I don’t want to be that scared little girl any more I want to have the courage to think, the hell with negative opinions of me and just do what I LIKE before I become too old to do it.


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