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2009: Replace the broken kitchen door and paint the kitchen

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2012: Need to phone some decorators and get this done

So I can sell my house.

We reorganised the kitchen to put in a dishwasher, and it rocks! Has made a real difference to day to day life

Progress at last

Well since my last post, I’ve had a builder in to cut some cupboards in half and now the broken door can go in the bin. While he was at it, he replaced some tiles and sorted the floor and gave us another 5cm under the bench so we can fit a dishwasher. Plus sanded our wooden worktops so they look almost new.

Now to paint our kitchen…almost done…two years on. Oh well

So after 3 years of procrastinating

My husband gets out the old door, glues it, and then puts it back up. What the *?

For the first week, I double-take every time I go in the kitchen.

Now to paint the place

Picked up two paint samples today

Pale blue and cream, both very safe choices. But I want to finish up the kitchen so we can think about putting the house on the market.

We’ve got a 2 bedroom place, and we’d like another 1 or 2 bedrooms. For our son and for a study/guest room, so grandma can visit more easily.


The carpenter I’ve been speaking to came and looked at the work to be done on Monday. He obviously knows his stuff, now hoping his quote/estimate will be reasonable.

Deadline is looking like January 2010 now

Called the kitchen fitter

and he’s going to take a look at our kitchen for refinishing worktops and the kitchen carcass. Sounds really nice. He’s very busy probably won’t get to do the work until January.

Found a company that can replace the door for about

a hundred pounds. Then we need to paint everything to match. Ho hum


This goal really is partly the result of procrastination.
The kitchen door came off it’s hinges, having worked the wood loose, so while my hubby pluuged the hole, the door waited out in the cold porch. Eighteen months later, the door had split, and the now out-of-date door needs to be replaced too. So the kitchen will need to be painted so the doors match…..

And we want to sell the house, so it needs to look good. So, this year I will deal with this!

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