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Look at the sky

20 cheers


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Almost a year went by……

and every day I’ve been looking at the sky. I have seen blue skies, cloudy skies, clear skies and so much more. I can’t say I’ve seen it all because every day the sky is unique. So, I am going to mark this one as done, but at the same time I’ll keep doing this. The sky is just too beautiful to stop :)


There is even some blue sky today :)

Autumn sky

It’s getting colder now, but at least the sun is still shining.
I love it when it looks like this in the morning :)


clouds in all sorts and shapes….and colors.


clouds again :)

Yesterday’s sky!

So much better then the day before (and today).

Not much to see at the moment.

When I look to the left I see: grey sky.
When I look to the right I see: grey sky.
When I look to the left again I still see: grey sky :)

Beautiful evening sky

As I walked around my neighbourhood this evening I saw this beautiful cloud. The sky can be sooooo amazing

Moriel pointed out an interesting website about sky watching. I checked it out and came a cross another website http://www.cloudman.com. On this was a list with 10 reasons to engage in cloud watching and here they are:
  1. Clouds and Cloudscapes are the greatest FREE SHOW ON EARTH.
  2. Clouds are never exactly the same.
  3. Many skies are simply beautiful to behold.
  4. Clouds are a “Billboard of Coming Attractions”.
  5. Establishing a habit of observing the sky when you first get up and before you retire, and many times in between, gives one a sense of connectedness with Nature.
  6. Cloud observing nourishes a global consciousness.
  7. Planet Earth is unique because of the presence of water substance, and the fact that the 93,000,000 miles distance from the sun allows water to exist in all three of its states (gaseous, liquid, and solid). Simultaneously!
  8. Water is a miracle substance.
  9. Cloud watching is an Antidote to Boredom.
  10. Clouds are a magic show of the sky

Sky watching update!

July, 4: It looks like autumn today. Grey skies, thunderstorms, rain, hailstones, wind. No trace of summer left.

June, 30: real Dutch weather today! Sun, clouds, rain. When it stopped raining I took some time out to watch the clouds. Their colours vary from bright white to slate grey

June, 29: morning blue sky with clouds/ afternoon cloudy (I think its going to rain).

Dakota has gotten 20 cheers on this goal.


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