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If I work hard everyday, surely I’ll shine like the stars in the night sky.

Speaking skills

My pronunciation and just general speaking skills have deteriorated noticeably. I just don’t have confidence in my accent or myself when I speak, so the words keep coming out jumbled and wrong. It’s so frustrating. But I know this is entirely my fault because I don’t study everyday like I’m supposed to. Sometimes I go 2-3 days without studying and I’m starting to see the effects of it. My plan was to become fluent within the next 4 years, but that’s never going to happen if I don’t even have the confidence to speak.

Don't hate me cuz you ain't me

Saw this on tumblr. It’s pretty funny if you can read it. At least I thought so _


I’ve been studying Japanese for about a year and a half. I consider myself to be on the cusp of being an intermediate speaker. A million miles away from fluency, but able to articulate about 50% percent of my thoughts in Japanese and able to understand about 30% of what I hear. And my vocabulary is good. I’d estimate about 2000 words so far. So yeah, almost an intermediate speaker. Emphasis on speaker. My writing skills are terrible. I can only read about 120-130 kanji altogether and write even less than that. I have flash cards and websites for learning kanji, but I’m still far behind for someone who’s been studying over a year. If anyone can share their method of memorizing kanji, I’d really appreciate it!


Last night I had my first dream in Japanese. I’ve been able to articulate a lot of my thoughts in Japanese lately, so that’s likely why I dreamt in the language instead of English. I don’t remember the details, but I remember saying なぜか。。。


I’ve been seriously slacking in my studying lately. It’s not that I don’t want to study, I just can’t bring myself to take the time to do it. I know I should at least learn something everyday-be it a kanji, a few new vocab words, or anything, really. But the closer it gets to my trip to Japan, the less I want to study. What kind of sense does that make!?

2 new books!

Japanese Demystified and Japanese Sentence Patterns for Effective Communication (That last one is a mouthful!) Both are great books and I’m super excited to see what I’ll learn from each since no new books teach the exact same things.


I played a Japanese game last night and found that I could understand a lot of words and some sentences. I feel like I’m making good practice with my language studies :):)


I deleted my other entry and decided to post this. Feel free to ignore it, as it’s mostly for me to keep track of verbs I know in Japanese. If it helps someone that’d be great though! Or if anyone knows other important verbs please post them.
Miru-See, look, watch
Kakaru-It takes (an amount of time)
Okiru-Wake up
Neru-Go to bed
Nemuru-Fall asleep
Okureru-Be late
Nebou suru-Oversleep
Noriokureru-To miss a bus, train, etc
Suru-Do, play
Tsukuru-Make, build
Niau-To suit/look good in
Iru-To be (Animate)
Aru-To be (Inanimate)
Iru-To need
Oyogu-To swim
Okoru-To be angry/get angry
Ikeru-To arrange flowers
Kitemiru-To try on
Mottekuru-Bring, get
Ganbaru-To do your best
Tomaru-To stay over, spend the night
Hataraku-To work
Hanasu-To speak
Noboru-To climb
Kariru-To borrow
Kasu-To lend
Ageru-To give
Naosu-To fix, cure, repair
Hakobu-To move an object


Starting Kanji as soon as I order my flashcards! I can’t believe I’ve come this far

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