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Design and build my own house

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Someplace I could really call home

My family immigrated to Israel from Georgia in the late 70’s (back then, I wasn’t yet born). We lived in a 2.5 room apartment of a 7 story building, in a messed up neigbourhood in Ashdod ‘till I was 12 years old.
My father’s dream was to plan and build a big house, and even though his profession was medicine, he learned the principles of engeneering and designed the house we live in today, by himself.
Someday, I plan to do the same myself since I feel that a real home is a place you plan and build yourself, and feel part of.
Looks and uses? think about Superman’s fortress of solitude, or Tom Hanks’s character’s fun apartment in BIG, or John Cassavetes’s house which he used to shoot movies at, and a bunch of late 60’s artist’s flats, which everyone visited and took part in creating stuff in.

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