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Biting water

The things he thinks are a good idea… :)


Yuuki likes to take a little shower lately

Silly little boy :)



I’m really happy that the boys have been so healthy lately. Yay :)

Lately they've

been fighting fairly often. So it was nice to find them like this today :)

Finished with

giving the medicine to Toshi. We’re both very glad about that! Now to see if the episode is over.

Back to the Vet

I brought Toshi back to the Vet today, since his owie places didn’t really seem to get better. We’re trying something else now.

Yuuki went too, for his annual checkup. No problems there!

Looking good

Toshi’s owie looks much better today :)

Visited the Vet

today. Toshi got some shots. I hope they will do the trick.

Perhaps tomorrow

I’ll take Toshi to the Vet. Let’s see how his owie place looks like then…

Friday was

vaccination shot time for the boys. They were not happy to go there. But the check-up and the shot went fine.

Also no side-effects, as far as I can tell. Makes me glad :)

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