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After many many weeks

of what has seemed like running on not-enough-sleep (much of it kitten-induced), today I was able to get what finally seems like enough sleep.

Not enough sleep

this past week for a variety of reasons. Well, nothing to do about it other than try to recover on this weekend and hope for better sleep next week.

Almost no sleep last night

as I had my first bad ear ringing episode since last fall. It’s much better by now. I hope this was a one-time occurrence.

Door bell

Lately it had happened several times that my door bell rang early in the morning, waking me. By the time I was able to answer it, no one was there.

Since I usually can’t get back to sleep then, this ends up disrupting much of my day, for what I assume is somebody trying to sell me something.

So I now experimented with my door bell’s many buttons (for which I was given no manual of course…) and was happy to find out that an unlikely combination actually lets me turn the sound on and off :)

This will help me sleep more peacefully. That’s great !

This past week

I had considerable trouble falling asleep – I hope I can make up for that on the weekend.

Balancing act

I’m currently trying very hard to balance the need for sleep with trying to get a little time for myself and too much work.

I’m currently doing okay, mostly due to the stored up energy from my recent con visit, I’m sure.

Still, the weekend is allowed to arrive soon…


I was insanely sleepy all day today. I had to take a nap in the evening and feel better now. Hope this doesn’t affect my night’s sleep too much, as Monday nights are usually my most difficult night anyway…

Three weeks

I’ve now completed charting my sleep times for a full three weeks. The numbers show me I sleep a weekly average of 7-8 hours.

While this doesn’t sound too bad, looking at the actual graph shows me, my daily sleeping times jump wildly, anywhere from 5 to 11 hours per day. What the graph also shows is that there is no regularity on which day I sleep a lot or a little.

So, for now, more to ponder as I try to digest this data…


I didn’t necessarily sleep much longer today, but let my body guide me and so went to bed later and got up later.

What a difference !

Not only did I have more energy, my mood was considerably improved the moment I got up.

I wish I could learn something from this, but I can hardly go to work that late…

This upcoming weekend
I plan to:
  • Catch up on sleep
  • Catch up on sleep
  • Catch up on sleep
  • Having hopefully gotten enough sleep restart my goals
  • Making sure I have enough time to do some fun, lazy little things

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