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is ready. I finished things up today and plan to bring them to the post office tomorrow.


the tax accountant returned the papers. That was the quickest ever. Nice.

I’ll finish them on the weekend and then send them off.

I spent most of last evening

with preparing this. But the envelope is ready now and I’ll put it in the mail for my tax accountant tomorrow.

Almost forgot

it’s time for this. I’ll try to prepare the papers by next week.

The last of the official papers

for this round returned. Ugh. I hate paying for years that are long gone…

Rather late

is when I got the papers back from my tax accountant. So to be able to to get them the official places, without hitting the deadline, I walked there and put it into their mailbox, on the morning I left with the train for a trip…


I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get to this this weekend, as I had planned, because I pretty much lost a day due to not feeling so well yesterday.

But today, with some strong coffee, I tackled it and finished it! It seemed to be easier than in past years. I wonder if that is because I have figured out a good routine for me or if processes did get more streamlined. Probably both.

So, I’ll drop it into the mail tomorrow and will then wait for my tax accountant to get back to me.

And here we go again

Time to prepare the big thing for another year. I’ll try to get it done next weekend.

Okay, I've put the final touches on it today

Tomorrow I’ll drop the whole package into the official mailbox.

I just got the papers back

from my tax accountant. Next week I plan to put the signatures on them and send them away.

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