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Trip to France and move.

Well I practised my french in France, probably not as much as I should of but some is better then none. Actually just being around french is good for my comprehension. I realized that I need to practise memorizing my verb conjugation and probably take another class. Mostly I just need to keep increasing my confidence. A lot of the time I get stressed and cant remember things or keep things straight in my mind. And I also get frustrated when I try to say a sentence that is difficult, sometimes my sentences actually confuse people because my statements sound like questions haha.

Anyway, I have moved to Quebec now, here goes.. something..

Next step

I am starting a new course with Alliance Fracais in my community in February. I did an all french interview for about 30 minutes, I could not believe that I was able to understand what was said to me as well as respond somewhat.
Looking forward to starting, since I feel like I am already forgetting everything..

Intermediate French Part A

I finished with an A+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thinking of taking a course with Alliance Francais in February.
In the meantime I can continue my work on Tell Me More until mid January, and do my own thing. Watch fench tele, write, read french journals.


What was the first french book you have read or attempted to read?


My professor approached me after my class a few days ago to tell me that it is noticable how much I have improved! I didn’t notice it at first but my oral and comprehension has improved quite a bit! I was listening to RDI on the radio yesterday and caught myself understanding what the story was about!! Wow.


I am half way through the first part of my intermediate french course, it is very challenging but I’ve improved a lot. Hoping to finish with no lower then a B-. Not sure what I will do when I finish this course..


I finished my last french course with an A. I really ought to change this goal to speaking french with my boyfriend..

Speaking french

Is any one here scared to speak french?
I’ve been learning it for a very long time but I never speak it, not with my french boyfriend, french classmates, friends, family, not even in class. I get so anxious and my mind goes blank! I can’t seem to get over this… suggestions?


I am moving to Ottawa for four months I am sincerly hoping that my comprehention and vocabulary improves. I dont know if I will get to the point of contributing to a conversation in french but I would at least like to understand what is going on and use a few phrases, maybe write some french thoughts in my journal at night.

so to summerize my goals
- understand what is going on in coversations
- worry less about suckiing at french

2 months

and I will be home for the summer working at this.

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