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Invite some people from 43things to Orkut

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I’ve been answering alot of requests to join and would like to keep inviting more people … especially since theres the 43things group at Orkut now ….

But I’m marking this done to make room …

There's a 43things community at Orkut now

But it’s kind’a lonely in there … so maybe some of you will come join us?

I just joined

Thanks to an invitation from another 43things member. It’s pretty cool. Another online community. It actually reminds me of Stumbleupon .... but they ask for ALOT of info …. but the info in peoples profile is what makes it so interesting.

It’s “in affiliation with google” and when you sign up you even get an invitation to get a free gmail account (at least I did).

Anyway, it’s by invitation only …. so if anyone wants to join, let me know.

OH … editing to say that Orkut asks us to put in a first and last name along with an email address when sending an invite … so please make sure you include at least first and last initials along with your email addy to get your invite. Thanks!

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