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Positivity. It’s a tricky one. I’ve had my account for over 8 years now and this was one of my first goals. Looking back I always kept it up there, as a reminder of sorts. Now with more wisdom I appreciate the power of optimism but I also value the importance and meaning of other emotions, including those of negativity. Because even they have their place and purpose in life. I am no longer a chaser of happiness for it is a fruitless endeavour. Instead I try my best to live in the present and to accept negative thoughts for what they truly are: just words. Nothing more. In doing this I have come to view life more positively. Learning that happiness is simply a bonus when one lives in the present can be a difficult lesson but one that I cherish.


This goal is really about realising that life will always no matter what be positive and negative. Sure you can look at the bad with a positive outlook but sometimes it’s okay not too. I’ve accepted that. Overall I do still try to keep my head up. Life is too short right?


Deep down it feels like I’m struggling with depression again, but I’m trying to happily convience myself on the outside it cant be. And I don’t know which one to believe.


it’s been an eventful month, a little over 3 weeks ago i got out of a 6 month relationship :(
i got into uni so there is a strong sense of security for this year and i have been trying to make the most out of every week..as the quote goes “we are not here for a long time but for a good time”

cheers everyone!


okay….so reading back on my previous entries made me wish i was back in that position but truthfully i have been feeling depressed and generally more negative for more than 2 months now :( my behaviour has certainly taken a toll on my realtionships…its taken a while to fully understand and accept that but now i am detrimined to be happy and get my life back on track!


i’ve definatly improved with my beahviour….i think! im much more happier now that i am out living the life. a few months ago i read an article in a mag about some type of depression/anti social problems and they suggested that doing something with your mates at least twice a week would improve your life, and i have to say it really is true! i’ve learned i am a friendly person and i dont really hate myself anymore thumbs up

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