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Take my wife hiking in Lolo Nat. Forest (behind our new home)

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Panning for gold ...

While I was reasearching hiking in this area, I found a book that mentioned a certain creek (which I won’t name) that still contains gold particulate.

So instead of hiking, we drove up to the creek in Lolo Nat. Forest. We bought a pair of plastic gold pans and put on our waders and sat in the creek all day sifting thru the sandy bottom.

We did come up with a few flecks of gold. Maybe 2 or 3 that were almost 1 mm in diameter.

Not something I would want to do every day, but my wife thought this was the funnest shit EVER. She was just in heaven.

I asked her … “When I met you almost 2 years ago, you were sitting in the LAN office in Chiclayo, Perú in a suit and scarf looking very airline professional. Did you ever imagine that a year later you would be sitting in a creek in Montana panning for gold?”

I think she’s having a lot of fun.

Gonna look for a book right now ...

We’re at Barnes & Noble in Missoula. I just invited my wife to do this goal with me … as she sits across the table tapping my computer inpatiently to check her e-mail.

I’ll pass her the computer now and while she checks her e-mail, I’ll go find a book of hikes in the Missoula area.

Peace Out.

- DaveFer

Got Papi? (Papacito) has gotten 3 cheers on this goal.


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