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I'm not finished learning... but I've done this.

Well, I’m not finished learning… but I do feel that I’m in the zone of never stop learning. I’ve always loved learning new things and still have lots to learn but I guess that’s how I know I’ve made it. I’ll probably go to University someday even though I’m 33 now. Just finished 5 certificate programs with in the last year. Many of them over lapped so I don’t know I could match this in later years but I have learned a lot in the last year… and I’m starting to take topics I’ve already covered in other courses so I know that I’ve reached a level of some kind. Taking classes is one way to keep learning new things. I find that taking extension type classes and continuing education classes is a good way to keep learning and you’ll probably learn more from your experienced class mate then the teacher… which leads me to say, that one can learn a lot just by listening to friends and family. This might be one what to do and what not to do – If you have reached this level of Never Stop learning. I guess its a state of mind.

? NEVER ? - stop learning:

How am I going to get this one done?

Any suggestions?

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