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Daily Routines

Need to keep a firm note of this concept, sparked by Runwim

I did a whole load of planning last night that was not so much goal setting as working out how I need to schedule the personal time in my week in order to invest in the people and vision that I care about.

I’ve said that my personal life breaks into 13×3 hour slots a week – 4 on a weekend day, and one on each evening of the week. That gives me 13 slots (or 26 90min 1/2 slots) to prioritise.

More on this later…

Moving forward from the 2 weeks of non-stop music...

I now need to get organised about a more routine weekly schedule that fits in my top priorities without stress (in fact, in a HAPPY way), so that life is fulfilling in a controlled kind of way, rather than rushing from one enthusiasm to another…
Somehow fitting in:
– food prep at the weekends, so that evenings have time for other things
– music practice, rehearsals & gigs
– exercise (cf Personal Trainer discussion)
– work, which in my life is time consuming because of the travel, so need to be very organised about that
– a way of dealing with weekend forays to the boat or other specials
– Laundry and cleaning and gardening
– correspondence, finance & admin

I need to prioritise all these goals

...because this is the problem that I’ve had about how I run my life for almost ever. And when I’m single it just exaggerates it even more. There’s no-one to catch all the things that I never get around to doing!!

So, I need to break life down into:
  • essential in a day and week (Now listed under the “++ “TODAY’s Goals” ++ Banner Goal)
  • priorities to progress when there’s time
  • things to consider moving onto when there’s room on the priority list…

...because otherwise I’m never going to get some of these things done!!!

Draft weekly schedule for March
  • Choir (Mon)
  • dancing (Tue)
  • Squash
  • Cycling
  • Tai Chi
  • Swimming (Weekend)
  • Clambering about maintaining a yacht
  • Kayaking,

Basic weekly time budgeting

It’s encouraging to realise how much of my life could be available to pursue my own vision, goals and dreams, by getting my personal PM more focussed on acheiving this.
Here’s my structure:
168 hours in a week
49 hours sleeping (119 remain)
40 hours working (79 remain)
10 hours travel (69 remain)
20 hours homeostasis (49 hours remain)
Which makes 49 hours available for living a rich personal life – 24 at a weekend and 4 or 5 a day in the week.

What I mean by this is that...

Even though I earn my living these days as (variously) a Programme Manager, Project Manager, Service Manager or Business Change Manager, I do not instinctively run my personal life like clockwork.
In fact, I don’t necessarily run projects and programmes like clockwork. The reason why I often succeed is because I focus like heck on knowing my customers, what they want, and making sure that this gets translated into plans in each of my teams.
I know that I need to be more disciplined and structured in lots of these roles at work, and I also think that maybe I’ll make better progress in my personal life if I schedule that a lot more deliberately to pursue the kind of goals that I set myself here on 43T.
If I can be more structured and disciplined at home and make more of these goals happen, and avoid the addictive stuff, then my life is bound to be better and I trust that the same mindset will rub off at work too.

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