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have more magical, unexpected and wonderful things happen to me

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Lately just about every time I go out...

I see someone that I knew a long time ago. I’m coming out of my shell…out of my seclusion…

The "unexpected" just doesn't happen to me anymore...

Not much comes completely out of the blue anymore. Things happen to me now because I took some action—did some research, made an inquiry, wrote a letter etc.

However the magic and wonder are still in my life and are here to stay.

I wrote a favorable review on amazon...

and the author of the book emailed me and said she’d send me a free book! This counts as magical and unexpected…

I was going to remove this...

I was either going to “give up” as things don’t happen to me completely unexpectedly at mid-life, rather they happen because I put something into motion.

Since August 2011 was like a dream and from Nov 6 thur Dec 6 were magical—so many good things happened BLD and the free weekly MC, MH, C21, WF1, the end of C etc I’d describe it as almost magical and by far the best month I’ve had in years. Actually there were probably others but I was not conscious of the good things that were raining down on me.

But I am now.

I’ll keep this on the list to continue chronicling the magic…

A family member gave us a gift this week...

This counts as a magical, unexpected and wonderful thing!!!

Putting this on hold...

I’m going to put this on hold in the “I give up” folder. My life is very structured and planned and I do not like it when the unexpected happens. When I get a call back from a resume or a contract in the mail, While its FANTASTIC, it’s not MAGICAL as I did something (submit a story or a resume) for this to happen. Magic happens without any effort on my part.

Magic happens when I get a phone call out of the blue saying I won a three part trip or a phone call out of the blue saying I won a scholarship. This hasn’t happened to me in years. I think it’s because I’m more in tuned with what I want so I go after it instead of waiting for something to just fall into my lap.

I wonder what adventures await me?

Latelly, the goals that I’m crossing off my list are those that require a change of mind or courage—ie motivate myself, talk to myself as a friend instead of a critic, commit to a career etc. Only one or two that I completed recently required actionable steps ie read two books on assertiveness and use the information and keep a problem solution journal.

My new challenge requires a little bit of money. I actually have to BUY a book (which I hardly ever do unless it’s some sort of test prep guide) and have it signed. I think after that I’ll ride in a carriage which shouldn’t be too difficult since I live in NYC and Central park is right there.

I have several goals that I’m starting to see now are linked: Be part of a studio audience, be part of a documentary, take the community producer class etc. I think I’ll do those things in 2012. Or at least start putting them in motion.

I wonder what adventures await me?!? I’ll also post this under “take one step at a time”, “choose wisely” and “visit 43things every day goal.”

I was in the laundromat when my phone rang...

I thought it was my daughter’s school so I picked it up. It wasn’t, it was a HR rep from a company where I applied for a PT job. She asked if I had time and I said yes though the driers were rumbling and the washing machines were churning. I could barely hear her. So I stepped outside to suffer worst conditions. An ambulance roared by and a noisey truck idled like forever where I was standing. So I went up on someone’s porch, practically up to their door. I think it’s the owners of the laundromat that lived there. And I could hear slightly better.

Well I heard enough to be invited in for a group interview. I wrote down the details on a library reciept. I’ll keep it forever.

This happened on a Monday, the group interview was on Friday. So I had four days to pull together skirt, blouse etc. It was fun! Also they asked us all to do a 1 minute presentation. I was nervous but not as nervous as I usually am when asked.

The next Monday I was in the laundromat again thinking about the magical thing that had happened to me the week before.

I was invited back for a second interview but turned it down today. It would interfere with my son’s summer activities. He’s only 12 years old once and if they are hiring at this place I think means that there will be hiring at other places. So I don’t have to sacrifice his summer for that job, there will be others.


I also wrote about this under my problem of the day goal.

Today I was reflecting on a time when I felt really desperate. It was on a saturday night (sunday morning) a month ago. I was sitting on the couch thinking “oh my GOD what am I going to do with my life?”

I started to look up volunteer opportunities that were associated with a particular university. I found one and it was even in an area that I was considering. I had already applied to be a volunteer at a few places, but had not heard back. I signed up then at almost 1 am and was accepted just like that. No jumping through hoops or waiting. Just like magic. I updated my resume IMMEDIATELY and began to listen to the various training webinars the program suggested.

So far it’s been one month and a day since my signing up. Since then I’ve listened to a few full webinars related to the volunteer opportunity, I’ve borrowed books and I attended an event where I put my knowledge to the test.

And I was able to do all of this while still living my life.

I was sitting at the event yesterday thinking about how I came to be there. I think this also counts toward having more wonderful, magical things happen to me.

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