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it takes a lifetime...

“It takes a lifetime to learn how to live.”- Judith Wright

I had to learn the concept of the computer cockpit, poise and the fact that stuff grows on me...

Many of the problems of my life were because I became afraid when I encountered a new situation. When I first started working full-time I was terrified. When I became a new mom the same thing.

When I started to work with PTI, I had never in my life spent alllll day with my time split between working on a computer and going to meetings. This was in 1992, I would not get used to this lifestyle until 1998 when I was a stay at home mom, but what good did that do me when it was time for my lifestyle to be responding to the every fifteen minute demands of a new born. I had to get used to being interrupted every fifteen minutes—and also being interrupted during the night once or twice. This caused me to be on edge.

Now 19 years after my first desk job, my computer is my cockpit. I have a paper calendar (lists my to dos for the day) master to-do list (which lists my major area of responsibilities) and outlook tasks thatsend me reminders. I look at all of these things on the computer several times a day. And check email. Prior to 1992, I’d never sent or recieved an email in my life. I had to get used to that. I noticed when I was at WW, I was quicker with the email than other assistants. And I notice at SC, MB is days and days behind in his email and he doesn’t even get that much. After 19 years I got it right in the palm of my hand.

My children no longer need to be tended every fifteen minutes, however, that is still my mentality. When I work on something, my intention is to get up and change subjects every fifteen, twenty or thirty minutes. This I think is a skill that can be useful in home or work life. When I’m in this mode, I’m sitting up back straight in my chair, ready for anything. Ready to be interrupted and ready to give that interruption 100 percent of my attention, deal with it then go back to what I was doing before without losing focus or enthusiasm. This is what Elizabeth Jones Town calls “poise” the ability to readily turn from one thing to the other without getting upset.

Also it takes me a long time to begin to like stuff. Stuff grows on me. Like TN, I didn’t want to work for them at first, but now it’s really starting to grow on me. I always liked BO tho, and it’s remained that way.

So here are some life lessons specifically for me. It takes a while—sometimes even 10 years for me to get used to a certain lifestyle (a work life split between meetings and a computer cockpit and interruptions every fifteen minutes). It can also take 2 years for me to like something I’m initially not sure about. I had to learn poise-how to readily turn from one thing to another.

I’m going to post this under another goal as well, not sure which one yet.

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