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carbonate fruit

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My parent don't understand why I would want to do this.

I thought that they would be interested in it. They weren’t. They are worried that I might maim, puncture, or kill somebody while preparing the food.

In short, it can be done!

The cracked but not exploded fruit is shown.
One hour later, still carbonated, but less so than when removed from pressure chamber. Every bite of the pear makes a fizzing sound like a can of soda.


I will post how this was done later!

Danger Will Robinson- DANGER!

Hey, before you think that this is a good idea, it isn’t.
This project has the potential to maim or kill.
Dangers of working with relatively high pressures, low and high temperatures, and gasses means more than just safety goggles.
A pressure test showed that adiabadic cooling can generate temperatures below -78°C around a pressure valve. CO2 forms around this temperature. Large liquid CO2 tanks are pressurized (at room temperature) to nearly 60 atmospheres! A pinhole leak could cut like a knife and a pressure chamber can rupture and send shrapnel out.

In short, this could be a dangerous project. That said, I am working on it right now! Really. This is so cool.

Just that. I want to carbonate fruit.

I have given this long and hard thought. I have worked out several techniques, ranging from using a pressure chamber with CO2 gas, to using no pressure chamber, but rather letting the gas seep into the fruit overnight under normal pressure and temperature.

Why- People drink soda, carbonated water, and even medications that have been carbonated. It’s going to be fun, and if people like my fruit salad at parties, imagine the look on somebody’s face on a hot summer day when they realize that it effervescent.

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