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contribute sounds to freesound

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What is the Freesound project and why should I (DeadWriter) contribute.

I have been a working audio engineer and recordist for some time. I ran across the Free Sound Project on the Internet. It’s hosted from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (A University in Spain named after Pompeu Fabra? , a person that first codified the Catalan language.) -but I digress.

The Free Sound project is a digital library of sounds. It is an acoustic historical archive as well as place to conduct acoustic research. What is most commonly used for is sounds that fall under the Creative Commons licence.

I have skills that I don’t use for any fun tasks any more. I figure that I am wasting skills that I have developed and tools that I own if I don’t contribute sounds to some source. The Free Sound project seems like the best place.

Better to be a content creator than just a content consumer.

I have the last part of December set aside to work on this project.

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