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Kitty Is Back has written 3 entries about this goal

The Biscuit got GOGGLED!

Oh he feels much better now.

Thank you Uncle!

My Beloved Biscuit Eater

This morning my sister called.

My dogs are all in pittsburgh with her while she’s doing a play.
Sisko Nabisco is my baby even though he’s the oldest of the three.

He loves me more than any other animal I’ve owned.

He’s got sooo many medical problems. The fuck heads who had him before me neglected him.
I haven’t been able to afford the amount of surgery he needs (roughly $5500) Feel very guilty, but it has been in my plans. So much more than that has already been spent in the past 2 or 3 yrs.

And no, I don’t use credit cards.

My sister told me that this morning he was shitting and pissing and coughing up blood and that he was really lethargic.

She took him to the vet. He’s still there. My poor little, precious pooper dooper. He must be so scared. And he must feel awful.

They are going to run tests on him. But what if they tell me I have to put him to sleep?

I really can’t bear this.

(They all chose their spots in this photo. He made sure that he got the lap spot.)


The biscuit eater.


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