Brandy Robbins is doing 19 things including…

Manage a budget.


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Brandy Robbins has written 5 entries about this goal has been a wonderful tool. Snapshot info. Simplified budgeting and tracking. Pie charts, my favorite, of places you spend most of your money at…the Kangaroo gas station up the street got 185.00 of my money in 2 weeks? Really? Not next week they won’t.
Been doing ok- tax money is spent up and I still didnt get Alex new shoes or glasses (guilt!!!) but bills are paid up somewhat so maybe that will go in the regular budget and not the fun budget.
Continually a project, budgetting, but keeping on, keeping on.

Doing ok on this one...

Need to do better with managing this though. I need to learn to pay bills on time and get rent in by the first Friday of the month.
My downfall: fast food and boredom shopping.
I’ll pretty much never have the follow through to balance a physical checkbook but I should utilize more.
It’s really been an eye opener.

Is a really wonderful tool for people like me who mindlessly spend and then wonder where all the money has gone at bill paying time or when I get a flat tire…it lets you categorize your spending, set a budget and then it will even show you a pie chart of your habits and where you spend money most. My downfall? Food. Restaurants, Fast Food, little snackies here and there…I spend so much money eating out its ridiculous. I need to get a grip there. That and cigarrettes. Next up: magazines and books and DVD’s. See—all silly expenses…the pie chart really showed me that, nothing like a visual punch in the gut.
So—by managing a budget I will:
1) See it
2) React to it
3) Follow thru with my plan to be Aware and not spend
4) Save money’
5) develop new hobbies (hikes, gym, more time to read, get my 2-20—hello?!) and eat healthier and breathe clean air.

Manage a budget...

...I have ALWAYS failed at this.
Here’s my new idea…
Vacation savings jars.
I have been saving some jelly/spagetti glass jars lately, why I dont know but maybe now is the time to use them-
to set goals for myself:
Car repairs
Fun stuff
Kids allowance jars…

Duh Brandy...

Writing your debit and check info in the checkbook AFTER you already peeked and checked your balance online isn’t really going to help much, except to help you spend more money—do it the right way, use the web page to confirm the work I did already- this might help me be more aware and diligent.
Good step one.


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