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organize my office

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Eliza Marie has written 9 entries about this goal

Desk Done, Floor Mostly Done

DESK I cleaned my desk. I went through all the inside drawer (only one really) and organized it to my liking. Then also cleared off the surface. It had to be done due to my starting of school (online) so I needed a clear work environment. It feels good. I have a system and I really enjoy it.

FLOOR: I had my husband pick up all his shit off the floor. Which really cleared things out a good deal! It feels so much better! I still have a couple of “working” piles that need to be worked on. But, it is looking better. I am going to ask my husband to vacuum the floor this weekend (with the wetvac) and put down the rug again (to add color)

All in all it is an improvement but of course no where near done! I have been chugging along though. I just need to keep it up!

Year 2013 Review, Updates and Plans for the Future

Review: I have been doing this. and I have been happy with my progress however, it is not enough! This is something I really want to get done soon, because I plan on going back to school and I need to have an organize area so that I am prepared for school and don’t have to worry about “tripping over things”

Plans: of course this will stay on my list!
1. Clean desk (once and for all)
2. Clean file cabinet
3. Clean around file cabinet
4. Clean around floor of desk
5. Organize my cubby area
6. Clean the tops of the cubby area (move all that junk!)
7. Clean the closet (set up a system that works)
8. Clean Gift wrapping area and put it in the closet (I don’t like how it looks behind the doorway).
9. Clean and organize bookcase (possibly purchase more?)
10. Clean Alex’s computer and around his desk
11. Clean floor, place rug back in the room
12. Clean and organize area by the window

Extra things: (if time/money is available)
1. Tile floor
2. Paint room
3. Add decor things (like the flamingos I wanted to get done)


I think part of my problem (which I have more than one I know) is that I don’t maintain a clean area. I cleaned off my desk (again). but I really shouldn’t have had to do that, it should just remain clean from the first time I cleaned it off instead of having to constantly redo the same things over and over again.

Anyway.. Not sure what to do about that other than just spending time putting things away when I bring them out.. That’s the main issue I know!

grr! anyway my desk is clean. The cubby is somewhat clean. I have to set up the top of it so that things are placed where they belong. The closet is pretty good but I know I need to move things around there so accommodate more items


I placed the new cubby I made in my office and it looks great! I am really pleased with the results. I still need to fill some of the shelves though, but I don’t know what to put where. At this point I am happy with the results though.

I still have a ways to go with my cleaning/organizing of my office, including finding places for the craft supplies my grandmother gave me. Also, I need to have Alex fix his side of the office, its hard for me to get it done if, he doesn’t listen.



yesterday I cleared off my desk… and no I didn’t just throw everything on the floor! Anyway, my desk is cleaned off and organized inside and out, which feels pretty good, It looks nice.

the filing cabinet inside is organized appropriately but not the top, I have some stuff just piled on the top that I don’t know what to do with

1. set up new cubby and organize that
2. clear off the filing cabinet
3. clean/organize office closet
4. clean organize bookcase


okay this is a work in progress:

i have been working on organizing my office little by little. I have been working on the filing cabinet, i have been filing a little by day but i still have a way to go. What is actually in the files are filed correctly however, I have other things that are not in the files yet that are in need to be filed

I need to head over to Staples (perhaps tomorrow to purchase some files to do some more filing. I did purchase a wire wrapping thing for Alex to contain his desk, so I am hoping that he is able to do that soon, also I purchase a new cubby, however I need to put it together, it is something that I need to put together soon.

It is a work in progress like I stated however, it is getting there, and I feel much better seeing it getting there

So Far

okay so I have been doing pretty good with this. So far most of my file cabinet is arranged appropriately (which took forever!) and my closet looks pretty good. Not great but pretty good! I also purchased a new bookcase thing so that I can have some room to organize more things


1. File Cabinet (this is a special goal for this month)
2. Assemble bookcase thing
3. Wrap/control wires (Alex’s Desk)
4. Clean off my desk
5. Get Light into the Closet
6. Go through bookcase and organize

I am sure there are much more but… its a start

Time spent

Have been spending the last few days working in my office organizing things. It’s getting done slowly but surely. The closet is starting to make sense now! Okay still working on it.


2012: well I recently put a huge dent into this goal! I am really proud! I got a new chair, a TV and placed my DVD player in this room so that I can be “entertained while working”. This has helped me immensely. I still have a huge way to go but.. I have been getting a lot of this done (which feels really good)

1. Clean/organize bookcase
2. Clean/organize closet
3. Clean/organize scrap booking items
4. Clean/organize paper files (for filing cabinet)
5. Purchase other bins to help organize or another bookcase
6. Clean/organize Alex’s area (or make him do it)
7. Paint walls (not sure what color yet)
8. Tile the floor

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