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clean my room

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wow who would have thought a clean room was something that would make you feel good to wake up to? i am so excited .. i love that it is clean… i absolutely love it! now this year thats coming up i can just do maintainance cleaning. so its not too big of a deal…

i need to work on my hall and bathroom, but i am counting this one done! my ROOM is clean!!!!

alright alright

enough is enough! ok so yeah i really need to get this done, i have been getting big chunks of it done during the last few days. which i am very proud of… i am working on it now..

it will be done by the new year. i need to start off good i have 5 days to work on it. should be ample amount of time.. new year new beginings so it needs to get done! ok.. you know what it will get done!

i will post more on this later… and then when the new year starts i can just spot clean or just work on major areas.. or little cleaning here and there

end of october!

so i promised this will be done by the end of october.. and guess what! it isnt.. yeah i know pretty shitty. i didnt mean to be so blah! anyway i have a new plan of attack. i am going to work on different “hot spots” for only 15 min at a time. this way its not a clean my room all day type of thing.. hopefully this works!


this is absurd.. i live like a meth addict, i live like shit.. my bday was yesterday and i need to change my things… so i am giving myself till the end of october to clean my room and just start over with my life… this is a big factor in it! blah…


my room has been neglected! i have been traveling back and forth to galveston as well as going to school and i have gotten so behind in my room.. its a total mess! its crazy! i hate it..

i need to clean it but blah! its so overwhelming.. monday i have a test and wednesday i have two, i am behind in my school work (i am online at night though bc well i cant sleep and i cant turn on the lights bc alex has work early in the morning)

but yeah i feel bogged down!

desk and book shelf

today i am going to organize my desk and bookshelf. i guess this is also under my declutter my room type of goal, so i am just going to count them as both

anyway yeah i am working on those things today, i would do more but i have the rosary to go to tonite and i want to be somewhat well rested

ok so yeah … i am going to work on those today.. yay! here i go.. ooo!

pretty much cleaned

i had to go to a “veiwing” today for someone in my family that just past away, and well while i was gone ALex cleaned my room.

Its absolutely beautiful, there is nothing on the floor, which is exciting bc i can walk to the bathroom with out worrying about breaking my head or anything..

the only thing thats really left is the putting things where the belong, he kinda stacked up some stuff on my desk, and then there is another pile of things on this little laptable thingie that i use to study..

so its just the organizing stuff left and to put my rug on the floor.

i want to get everything ready before tues bc thats when school starts again and i will have to not spend as much time with cleaning type activities.

but i am pretty thrilled


ok i suck at this, i have been working on this for such a long time and it sucks. sucks sucks!

but… but… today i cleaned under my bed! seriously i moved my bed and there is nothing under my bed anymore. wow.. so proud

ok granted i did through alot of the things out from under my bed to the middle of the floor. but… still under the bed is clearned…

oh and i cleaned my desk as well

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