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live in Australia

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Tick one off the list

which was getting a bit long for my liking.

I’ve now got long term (potentially) accomodation and a job (temporary). I’m still after a car, but i didn’t have on in the UK so all things considered I now live here and am waiting on the government office to send me a tax file number – its the same service in every country.

Feels good to be here.

ATM card and a mobile phone

Ok they’re small things, but since I’m starting again there are so many things I need to get set up and they all help on the road, especially now there are more things a person needs compared to in the past when all you needed was an address and a passport I imagine. I’m thinking of getting a job as an au pair which would sort out my accomodation problems and also help me learn about people who live here rather than just meet loads of backpackers.

I have a phone and a bank account

Ok the phone isn’t mine, just one the hostel has in my room, but it means people can call me from home (hmmm that doesn’t sound like such a good thing now, some muppet will probably call me up at 5am becuase they thought I was behind instead of ahead.

Bank accounts seem really backwad here, but they are easy to set up which is good. They charge monthly fees, charge you to use another banks ATM machine and they cant accept your signatue to withdraw money except in the one branch you set the account up.

Melbourne is pretty wet and cold at the moment, glad I fly out to Darwin next Sunday.

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Booked my flight with BA/Qantas, they’ve been good in the past when I used them and gave me the option of stopping off in Hong Kong on the way and Thailand on the way back. Their website for some reason didn’t give me those options. Less than a month to go and I’ll be on my way although until I’ve rented accomodation and got a job I won’t consider this task done.

Almost there

I have my one year visa, I’ve handed in my resignation and now I need to book my flight and organise storage etc.

My boss has asked me to stay on and work an extra 2 weeks, but I don’t really want to and it will eat into my visa, I’m going to check flight prices first.

Update - Visa application

I’m giving up on the skilled Visa for the moment, it takes 3 months and I can apply when I’m down there instead.
I applied for a working holiday visa on Saturday, hopefully it will be processed soon otherwise I may be in limbo for another month.

Spoken to friends & Family

first stage is over, I’ve let people know what I plan to do, I was expecting my Dad to lecture me or advise me on what a bad idea it is as he always seems to try to hold me back from risky things, but he didn’t. Next step is to apply for a skilled visa as that would give me more flexibility than just a holiday visa and then if I fail to get that I can apply for the holiday visa. I also need to speak to my boss to let him know I dan’t plan to be around too long, since I’m planning on leaving in May I should let them know in March so they get 2 months to replace me.

Work Permit

I looked into the work permit situation today online and filled in some details at workpermit.m website, I’m hoping this will get things done, but they might just be trying to get money for servies later on. anyway the 1 year visa should be fine since I haven’t robbed any banks and I’m under 30 and a UK citizen. I will have to travel around every 3 months thoug which sucks as I’d rather stay in one place and work for one company, how come the Aussies over here get to do it and we don’t.
anyway we’ll see what happens with that and then I’ll have to contact some employment agenices to see what they think.

It's so much warmer

and chilled out, I can’t stand the amount of miserable people in this country continually getting me down because they aren’t happy. I have 2 years before my opportunity of getting a working visa runs out so I need to move pretty quick on this.
Anyone in australia need an accountant?

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