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Twelve days Operation Focused Mind

From 4/27 to 5/8: 12 days

Will not have much time since I will be acting, but do whenever I can:

1. Seriously look for jobs in CA area.
2. Look for gigs.
3. 1Z0-144 PL/SQL Exam preparation.
4. Unlock Dreamweaver.

I Need People!

I need people in my life to help me achieve a successful career! I am not a social climber, and I won’t kiss ass. I just want to associate myself with supportive, nurturing, inspiring, like-minded people that are pleasant to work with, and I will do my part to nurture and inspire others.

What I want in my works

1. I always, always wanted to be really really good at something. First I thought I was after the recognition, then I realize that if I know it is good, I don’t really fu*king care what others think. So this time around I want seek out oppotunities where I can gain expertise continuously. I want to enjoy the fun part of IT, learn all the fun technologies I crave to learn, but didn’t allow myself to fully explore.

2. I want to contribute to the industries that reflect my values. I value scientific research(BEYOND! neuroscience; gene science; psychology; anthropology; earth/space research), art/media(museums, theatres, PBS,NPR), entertainment (Big Fish; ILM; Weta Digital; Pixer) and humanitarian efforts (UNHCR). I’d like to spend my life working on projects that I care about.

3. I want to be able to work with people that are supportive and nurturing. I want to build rapport with others and have real connection with others. I treasure collaboration and healthy competition. I understand that I need to have better people skills, to do my part in this goal.

4. I want to have a skillset that allow me to eventually set my own hours and work where I want to, to give me the freedom to be my own boss.

I understand that I may not get any one of them now, but it is good to set my goal and work toward it.

Objectives and Strategies

1. I need you to stay highly focused. Make it the highest priority and do this 1st thing in the morning. Do not use any distraction as your procrastination route.

2. After looking for a job, continue to work on other goals by their priority. Again, keep focused and do each thing in its separate mental compartment. Remember to make the most out of your free time. There are things that you will not be able to do once you start working.

3. By now you know that you have multiple ways to connect to humanity and you are not defined by your job. So keep your emotion out of this. If you encounter difficulty, understand it is normal. Know that you are looking for one job only, not achieving certain percentage for interviews. Be aware of “learned helplessness”. Use all resources and be flexible.

4. Don’t give up your vision. At this point, look for oppotunities that give you best income and/or exposure to the most marketable skillsets. Remember to earn credentials and contacts. Build UP your career so you will have the most flexibility money-wise and time-wise down the road to truly work for the love of it.

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