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My desktop’s wallpaper. Look familiar? ;-D

From Base Metal to Pure Gold

The Alchemists of old sought to transform objects into gold. Now today, when I buy a diet coke, it contains an alchemical talisman under the cap. Using that coded reference I can create purchasing power. Modern alchemy indeed!

Hence this shot I call Alchemy of the Fizz.

eye am.

Eye see.

Tripod and SD reader.

I have an interest in taking tight shots of items in extreme close-up. I like the augmentation of perspective. An ant is an annoyance at worst unless its 20 times your size. Then its a fierce monster. Matter of perspective.

A difficulty with taking these kinds of shots is shake. Being so close and tight shake becomes noticeable. To remedy that I have sought out a tripod. I’m posting this info because it seems to be a good deal and it’s the right size for the work I want to use it for. Perhaps others could benefit from this discovery. I have yet to actually test the unit however as I am waiting on its delivery.

Mini Tripod

The same company also sell a USB SD card reader that is small and fits my need.

Both items plus the shipping ran me a total that is under $23. I like that.

I've begun.

I got my new camera yesterday (a Canon A410) and I have begun taking pictures. I have taken a self portrait just as I have woken. I have taken several self portraits. It is fascinating to see how the camera sees me. jesstheex wrote somewhere on 43 that she trusts cameras more than mirrors. I sense a truth in this perception.

I have a theory that we can be more objective with a photo than with a mirror. I wonder what the mental mechanism is that colors the perception of reflection. Perhaps we see more with a reflection or live view, sensing a soul; “seeing” not just with eyes but with our spirit. Perhaps we color what we see in a mirror to shelter ourselves.

Today’s pic is “Cluttered”.

I will be posting here from time to time photos that may or may not be of interest to others. I may just post to post. But I will be posting. I will be keeping my own photo journal. I will be learning as I go how to take a good picture; how best to utilize the features of my camera.

As this is an ongoing process I’m going to mark this as done.

Almost there.

I have purchased a camera via the Web and am awaiting its arrival. Once I have it I can obsessively document the various minutiae of my life. Why? Because I have a new camera! Boys and their toys as the adage says. :-)

This is the reason...

...I’m buying a digital camera in the first place. I think it will be a motivational thing that will have me thinking of and doing things worth taking a picture. Also, it will be a means by which I can quickly review and get a gestalt of what I’m doing, where I’ve been and where I’m likely going.

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