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develop passion for reading again

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Percy Jackson novels...

... are helping me with this goal! I tried re-reading old favourites but they are not as existing as reading new books. So I’m just going to keep searching for new good books. To achieve this goal, that’s the way to go!!


Two things that are helping me with this goal right now:-

1. Classics. Now I know why classics are… well, ‘classics’.

2. Light reading… at one time, I ‘looked down’ upon such books. I believed that books should serve some purpose. And that’s not a bad thing. But books with purpose are tiring me out right now. There’s so much going on my life, that I just don’t want to entertain ‘fictional people’s problems’ too!! I’m getting sucked into the world of light-hearted books!!

Getting nowhere with this goal :(

I’m trying but I’m not getting anywhere with this goal. I need some breakthrough with this one, gotta try harder!!


How’d I lose my passion for reading!!??? :( :( I haven’t been able to finish a book in ages and I’d rather waste time surfing the net aimlessly than read a book :O
So I picked up thrillers at my book club this time. Hope they’ll keep me turning the pages and help get back into a hobby I really miss ._.

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