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Since my last post...

I’ve crossed off a few items on my list and made a little bit of progress. So far, I have:

- Finished growing out my hair (three long years later)
- Found a routine that seems to control my dandruff (for now, at least)
- Gotten into the habit of having my hair trimmed every other month
- Moisturized and used SPF every morning (haven’t seen any change in my skin from this yet)
- Done once-a-week facial masks and spot treatments
- Cleaned my glasses every day
- Kept my lips moisturized
- Kept my oral care routine up
- Kept my nails well taken care of and manicured

In the New Year, I hope to clear up my skin, get my teeth fixed and start working out. Easier said than done, but I feel it will all be possible in 2011!

What I want to do to complete this goal...

I decided to create a list of things I wanted to do in order to improve my health and appearance, and it ended up much bigger than I thought it would. I organized everything from head to toe in specific categories, and I hope to cross them off as I complete them. Sorry if some might be considered “TMI”, but I feel the need to list them.

- Finish growing it out (I’d say less than four inches left)
- Find a routine that helps manage dandruff/dry scalp
- Find a good shampoo and conditioner sans SLS (preferably affordable)
- Trim every two-three months
- Do a natural mask once a month (I have quite dry, fine hair)

- Find the perfect skincare regimen for both night and day
- Get clear skin
- MOISTURIZE (a.k.a., find one that doesn’t inflame my skin)
- Use SPF daily (^ same as above)
- Do gentle once a week treatments (mint julep mask, blackhead removal, exfoliation)
- Maintain eyebrows/stray hairs
- Keep glasses clean (to avoid breakouts around the nose/upper cheeks/sides)
- Get contact lenses (though I will not be wearing them every day)
- Do something about dark circles under eyes (?)
- Keep lips exfoliated and moisturized

- Maintain oral care through current routine (brush and use mouthwash twice daily, floss nightly)
- See a dentist for consultation
- Get whatever needs to be done (general cleaning, cavities – if I have any)
- Get teeth whitened
- Try white-strips (just a general interest)
- Get braces (something not visible)

- Find a body wash sans SLS (again, hopefully affordable and gentle)
- MOISTURIZE and use SPF (again, find ones that don’t make my skin explode)
- Lose about 15 pounds (I’ve been lazy and gained a few)
- Tone body through daily workouts/running (especially arms and legs. These are my problem areas)
- Keep clean-shaven using the epilator (arms, underarms, bikini, legs… ouch)
- Do a home-manicure once a week, and a home-pedicure once every two weeks (Sundays)
- Keep feet well exfoliated and happy

- See a gynaecologist and get birth control pills (to regulate cycle and clear skin)
- Take a multivitamin daily
- Get proper (or at least improved) sleep
- Improve breathing by actually doing what the doctor said to (gargle salt + baking soda 4x daily)

- Do the Master Cleanse
- Become a vegan
- Follow an 80/80 diet (eat 80% good, 80% of the time. There is no sense in completely restricting)
- Reduce coffee intake and replace it with tea (I already drink enough water)
- Eat breakfast
- Stop eating after 6:00 p.m.

- Establish daily routines to incorporate these goals
- Get silk pillowcases (for better skin and hair) and wash bedding once a week
- Get fresh air daily (probably while running)
- Continue to heal from depression (a difficult goal for me to address, so it may take awhile)
- Take a class (haven’t decided between yoga, Pilates or some sort of martial art yet)
- Become less sensitive (I have no idea how, but it will make everything in my life easier)


That’s all I can think of right now. I know it seems like a lot, but I feel the need to do all of this to get my life back on track. I can’t function without routine, and though it seems excessive I need to keep myself busy. I do probably need to concentrate on mental clarity to aid in physical improvement, but making a big list gives me smaller things to do in the meantime.

I’ll cross things off as I go, and probably find some more things to add as well.


After months of waiting for an available appointment, I saw a nose and throat specialist this morning. Breathing has always been an irritation for me, and it appears that there really is a reason why and it isn’t just in my head! I have sinus issues caused by slight seasonal allergies… weird. I wouldn’t have thought that. I always feel so clogged up and groggy. I hope it gets better now!

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