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practicing, practicing

Practicing, practicing every new note I’m learning on the cello. These music lessons are one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I love it. db


Ok – haven’t been updating every day. But I have been practicing cello and am improving every day :) db

An entry a day...

I was going to list “use 43things to help me achieve my goals” as a thing, but it seemed kinda circular and maybe redundant…so I decided to use this entry as a way to keep track of my progress. From now on, at least one entry a day to record the steps I take towards accomplishing things. Today, i’ll take the cello to the shop for new strings and to have the fine tuner keys adjusted, which contributes to my goal “learn to play the cello.”

a little bit

Today I read a few pages of Love in the time of Cholera today and I bought some baking supplies I need to make my cookies. I love how 43things makes doing the simplest things, the smallest errand, feel like progress towards a goal. :) db

Ha - the trump card!

Self-explanatory isn’t it? So many of my goals are really so easy – but I don’t always feel like I’m working hard enough towards them. Adding this to my list means that every time I work towards one goal I am really working towards two; same effort, double the success…that makes me really happy! I think I’ll go work on something right now…

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