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Harmless Dilettante is doing 5 things including…

Get new glasses

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Picked up

12/5/13 Hurrah! New glasses with the correct prescription and a two year warranty. I went with the Silhouette titanium rimless frames and 1.67 high index Trivex glasses with scratch proof coating and anti glare. Good thing they’re warrantied for two years, as they were painfully expensive.

The nice clerk adjured them and also put new nose pads on my ancient pair.

Sadly, my revo wrap sunglasses can’t be refitted with prescription lens. Wrap lens in my high strength prescription would be ridiculously thick.

Finally ordered!

I had my eye exam today and ordered an insanely expensive pair of titanium rimless, hingeless frames with high index lens. I probably overpaid by using my optometrist, but hopefully it will be work it for the convenience. They should arrive in 7-10 days, plus I have a stronger trial size pair of contact lens on order too.

Round 2

This has been on the back burner for awhile, but I’ve got an optometrist appointment scheduled for this week. I might end up at a big retail chain, but first I need a new prescription.

Amateur Night

Ordering from my eye doctor’s office is making this process take about three times as much effort as it should. After spending two hours picking out the lens, frames, etc. I was told by the clerk in charge of prescription glasses that she didn’t have any of the prices or any recommendations on which lens were appropriate for my prescription. So, three days later I get a call from the optometrist who recommends 1.60 high index lens, non aspheric, with AR coating. He doesn’t have any prices either, so he says he’ll email them to me. He doesn’t, but I do get a call from his clerk asking for the lens, frame, size info. I point out that I’ve already given her all that. She claims I have’t. I tell her I’ll call her back, since fortunately I took notes just in case. She calls back and says that she’d found all the details. I still have to tell her my lens preferences since the doctor didn’t write that down either. So far so good.

Next, I get another phone call from the clerk telling me that the lens shape I want is only available in Europe and I have to chose another one. I ask what are my choices. She tells me she has no idea. I remind her that they didn’t have a catalog for the brand I wanted.(Silhouette which the doctor specifically recommended.) I found on the model options on the Silhoueete site with my iPad. She calls her distributor back to order an actual catalog and I’ll have to make another 40 minute round trip to pick out another lens shape.

Off she goes to order my glasses. I remind her that the doctor recommended getting the frames on customer approval. She tells me that’s impossible if the lens have been fitted. I tell her just to get the frames sent and we’ll do the lens afterwards.

I’m beginning to think it would be both cheaper and easier to just order online. Argh!


I’ve had my exam exam and received a new prescription. Oddly, my contact strength has increased, but my eyeglass recommendation remains the same. My optimist says this is due to my astigmatism. He recommended getting the Silhouette brand titanium frames since I wanted to get rimless glasses this time around. Apparently semi-rimless are more durable (my last frames have lasted almost twelve years), but the lighter weight and cool styling makes me want to try rimless prescription lens. Actually, I just switched to a pair of Revo rimless wrap sunglasses and I love those. It’s too early to judge their durability.

I plan to spend $400-500 per pair on new glasses. I like to have a pair and a spare, so this could run a solid grand. With that kind of money I need to make sure I love them. So, I’m doing a lot of research. I’ve priced the Silhouette Minimal Art frames, which seem to have excellent reviews, at a couple of places online: Frames Direct and Coastal Optics, I think. Unfortunately, both of them have been crucified by unhappy customers on Yelp, so I doubt I will actually buy online unless my Doctor’s office gouges me.

Since I have a pair that already fit well, finding my size was easy. Usually the sizing is on the inside of one of the frame’s “arms.” mine was on the inside of the brige and read ‘51018.’ This means the eye measurement is 51mm. That’s the width of each lens. The height is called the B measurement and not a lot of brands provide that. The 0 seems to be meaningless. The 18 is the width of the bridge, the piece between the lens, which is also in mm. The third measurement you need to order a pair of frames is called the temple. That’s just the total length in mm of the folding piece that goes over your ears. For most women, it’s 130-135mm, but since the frames I want have 140mm as the shortest option my doctor recommended going for that.

The bridge options were limited to 17, 19, and 21. My optometrist recommended the 19 size as 17 is quite narrow. I tried on a pair of another brand in the store and the 19mm was comfortable. 20 was to big and made the frame drop too heavily on the sides of my nose.

The next choice was the lens type. My prescription is +4.5 single vision so regular plastic, glass, and polycarbonate would be too thick. I suspect Trivex is too thick as well, but as the doctor had already left for the day I couldn’t ask. I’ll probably go for the less expensive 1.67 high index lens as the 1.70 and 1.74 are more expensive and probably won’t make much of a difference for me. The doctor is supposed to call with prices tomorrow as his assistant didn’t have any useful information, though she tried to be helpful.

I’m also going for one of the more expensive brand name anti reflective coatings like Crizal, as they’re supposed to last a lot longer than the generic. They also help protect from scratching. UV protection pretty much comes with the high index lens, so no need to purchase that separately.

The last choice will be aspheric or regular lens. I’ll have to ask my doctor about that as well when we speak tomorrow.

That’s a lot of info, which I hope will help you if you’re in need of glasses too.

My other advice is to bring an iPad or other internet device with you. The doctor’s office didn’t have any catalogs for the frames I wanted and googling it meant that I could have a far wider choice of things that they could order easily for me.

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