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June 11, 2012: Weed Abatement Deadline

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Time to get the weedwacker out

This is our community’s rule:

“Lot Owners are required to abate weeds HIGHER THAN 6 INCHES WITHIN 100 FEET OF ALL BUILDINGS, ROADS, DRIVEWAYS, AND ALL PROPERTY LINES WITH BUILDINGS ON ADJACENT LOTS.  Lot Owners are not required to remove such weeds which are not accessible by mowers, tractors or weed eaters.  Having horses or livestock on your Lot does not constitute and exception.  Lot Owners are encouraged to abate weeds between their property line and the common area road easement.”

Mr. Harmless has already starting devouring the dedicated grass in the center aisle with his trusty push mower. I need to get the weed Wacker juiced up and eating weeds. This is the downside to having almost 10 acres: all the maintainence.

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