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My Black Cat named Ginger

When my dad died, about two days or so afterwards there was a stray cat that somehow made its way into my yard. A gorgeous creature with striking green eyes. I have never been a cat person but I love most animals in general and this little cat barely a few months old looked starved and scared. I tried on many times to get close enough to touch it but any movement scared her away. And my dog at the time did not like her and kept trying to chase her out of the yard.

I would put food and milk and water and anything else I could find in places the dog couldn’t get to and the cat would be safe while eating. This went on for a few weeks, me putting out food and as it got colder a blanket for her to sleep on. She tolerated me but was still very nervous around anything that moved. I had never even touched or held her in all that time. Then one day I was sitting on the bench in the garden and she jumped right onto my lap and made her self comfortable.

As the days went on she got more easy with me and I would spend hours cuddling up with her and even my dog warmed up to her that some mornings when I went go out I would find them both curled up in his kennel. I called her every name in the book and then teasing called out ‘ginger’ and she responded with a little meow…

Sadly she went missing for a few days and one morning in the middle of a bitterly cold winter she came back to her ‘home’ to die. It’s been 8 years and she was my link to my dad for a short time. A stray cat was a pleasant distraction to a huge loss. The world truely does work in mysterious ways.

And thats the story of my gorgeous black cat named Ginger.


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