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learn to control my emotions

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Learning curve

Sometimes I get upset when someone checks my work and they find faults or want me to use a different format or show the info in a different way from what I had originally done… I feel stupid and get upset and feel as thou I really am as dumb as they come.

Then after a while I still feel stupid coz they aren’t doing that to make me feel incompetant or useless but to make sure I learn all I can from them and their experiences.

I really am grateful that they take the time and effort to make sure I produce work that clients find valuable.

And the flood gates open

I cry even when i have no reason to and there i sit with tears in my eyes and me cursing myself for allowing that to happen

Why am i so emotional is honestly still something I’m trying to figure out – but hey baby steps. As soon as i figure that out the sooner i will learn to control these tears.

Is it possible???

I guess I am just a very emotional person and I can break into tears at the drop of a hat.
Which is not a good thing at all. I mean how can anyone take me serious when my emotions can be so easily seen. Anyone even a stranger will be able to notice when I am sad or angry and even when I truely try to hide it, my eyes give me away.

Is it possible to still feel the way I do but hide it from the world? I mean the way I feel in a sudden rage gives me the strength to defend myself and take a stand. And the tears that burn my eyes in a emotional arguement allow me to believe in my self.

But I don’t want to loose my emotions completely just learn to keep them hidden so that my words and not my teary eyes can make a point.

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