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June Bootcamp 2012: Catching Up and Forging Ahead

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June Bootcamp: Better Than Last Time

I wasn’t perfect this week,n not by a long shot. Then again, a bit of my failures could be written off by me throwing my back out. Overall I’m disappointed in myself despite some good work, but there’s nothing I can do about it except try and set some more reasonable goals in July and be more dedicated.

Area of Most Success: Psychology
Area of Most Failure: Career
Area of Most Improvement: Finances
Area of Most Backsliding: n/a

1. Pick 2 meditation kinds & explore them.
2. Write a letter to my ex-wife.: Started.
3. Contact meditation coach for a chat.
4. Set myself weekly & monthly Nerdist goals.

1. Write every day in a spending journal.: Basically, yes.
2. Compare spending journal to budget at the end of the month.
5. Pay off all my big expenses. The big ones that I had in mind, anyhow.
6. No new music.
7. No new movies.
8. No new comics collections.

1. Write for 1 hour per week on my NaNo novel
2. Play harmonica 40 minutes a week.
3. Finish baby blanket
4. Learn to make colour patterns in knitting. It ain’t pretty, but I think I’m on the way.
5. Get halfway through my Mango course.

Nerd Cred:
1. Publish 2 podcasts in June.: 1 published, 1 to edit.
2. Contact DC for an interview.
3. Host movie night #2.
4. Make Fun Passports.
5. Set up the 12 hour podcast.: Started!
6. Play 3 board games from my collection.

1. Complete my PD book.
2. Complete my Self-Assessment Tool
3. Organize loose papers.
4. Write down mileage for private contracts.
5. Find a book on Motor Speech disorders
6. Start reading book on Motor Speech disorders.
7. Update my Hanen registration.
8. Register for 2 online Hanen courses.

June Bootcamp: Sidelined

Been sidelined a little this week because of the back: I’ve been sitting still and watching a lot of TV & movies, not reading as much as I’d like because holding the book in bed was difficult (nice excuse, right?). Today is going to be my first full day at work this week, and then tomorrow is wisdom teeth surgery. So if I’m silent for a while, that’s why. I’ll try and do some sit-down activities off my list this weekend while I recuperate and see how the last week shapes up. It’s an uphill battle, life.

June Bootcamp: The Problem With Money

Due to a couple of financial glitches (missing paycheque, health spending account hiccup, terror of finalizing my taxes), I have lived for the past two weeks with less than $50 until my next paycheque came in. Even after borrowing money from my parents, and that the barest minimum I could afford to borrow. Today I finally got paid, and I breathed a sigh of relief that somehow I got through. So the first thing I did when I got my paycheque was pay my parents back half what they loaned me and put a payment on my maxed-out credit card. And the next thing I did? Go to and add six movies to my wishlist.

Why do I do that? Why, whenever I get a little income, do I immediately want to go out and buy something? You notice I didn’t say “spare” income, as since I’m maxed out on my credit it is definitely not “spare.” I set myself the goal this week not to buy any movies, music, books, or comics, and that was easy when I didn’t have the money to spend. But the second I get over a grand in the bank account my brain starts telling me “Hey, you can afford a couple of Blu-Rays. You deserve it.” I had to close the browser window and go for a walk around the school to get that to stop.

It’s frustrating. I like a lot of stuff, and I have a lot of stuff. And stuff is great and all, but it’s the things that I don’t have that worry me. Namely: a positive net worth, a place I’m happy living in, a financial safety net, and so on. (Let alone all the things I want that money can’t buy me, but let’s not go down that maudlin path, shall we?)

I’ve been mortgaging my future with boxed sets and limited editions, and while I’m never going to get over the desire to add to my collection, I thought I’d learned something these past few weeks. Apparently, I didn’t. But at least I walked away and will stick to my spending journal and regimen. And maybe in July or August, I’ll pick up a few movies and add them to the shelf. But as much as I’d like to bring John Carter or The Artist or Hugo home with me, I know I have to wait a while. Until I figure out how to balance all this crap.

June Bootcamp: June 15

Yesterday, I had an mini-epiphany. (A minipiphany?) I have turned my after-work life into work. I give myself a ton of stuff to get through, and if I don’t get them all done, or if I feel like taking an hour and a half off just for me to do something different from my “schedule,” then I feel a little frustrated. So I’m going to try not giving myself too much to do post-school next week and see what happens. (Last night I decided seeing my friends and having a beer was more important than doing my self-assigned reading, and I had to really convince myself that was okay. That’s not cool.)

So today, in an effort to reduce my to-do list-inspired stress, here are my bootcamp goals:

  • read 3 chapters of When The Body Says No (PD book)
  • knit at least 10 rows (whether or not that finishes the blanket, that’s fine)
  • tackle a game plan for my DVD and Blu-Ray shelves
  • eat my veggies
  • write in my spending journal
  • publish my podcast

Again: sounds like a lot, but they’re really simple and it gives me lots of free time for messing around. I can knit while I watch futbol, my veggies & spending journal take about 5 minutes total, and so on.

June Bootcamp: June 14

Last night I was incredibly grumpy and despite my attempts to distract myself and work towards something positive, I stayed grumpy and got de-motivated to boot. So I decided to take it easy on myself and ignore some of my to-do list items, and switch up my bootcamp goals. Today feels like I have a bit of a grump-hangover, so let’s take it easy today and try to do a few things well instead of a lot of things poorly.

  • exercise
  • eat all my veggies
  • finish the baby blanket (10 rows to go): More rows than I’d anticipated, but I did knit
  • read more of my PD book
  • finish editing my podcast

That’s it. It seems like a lot but it’s really not. I think I can confidently get all those completed without feeling overwhelmed or underachieving. #hooray

June Bootcamp: June 13

Two days in a row? Something must be wrong. Here’s what I plan to tackle today:

  • exercise
  • weights (oh lord, help me)
  • read some of my PD book
  • read one of my Mindfulness books: Read the stretching book instead.
  • knit at least 10 more rows (I’m so close to the end of that baby blanket I can TASTE it) It was more like 6 rows but I was cranky so I’ll let it slide.
  • edit podcast for 30 minutes minimum (hopefully it goes faster today)

Good luck, me.

June Bootcamp: June 12

Oh man, I have not been coming here too often. But I’ve been doing okay. Last week I started eating more vegetables, took books out of the library on stretching and meditating, did five short online Italian courses, knit about 3 inches of the baby blanket, recorded a podcast, read 5 chapters of my Professional Development book, and put everything down in my spending journal. That seems like a lot but it’s REALLY not. So today I have a few things to tackle:

  • make a spreadsheet for my Nerdist goals
  • edit my podcast (at least 1 hour)
  • prepare my veggies (for the rest of the week)
  • e-mail people re: my next movie night
  • start my Harmonica stuff
  • knit at least 10 more rows on the blanket

That’s enough for now, with all the other non-bootcamp stuff I need to do today (watch futbol, dishes, chores, blogging, coffee with my mom). Let’s see how we do.

June Bootcamp: June 7

So, yesterday I was pretty optimistic. And somehow, I did everything!

  • exercise (actually done already, hooray for 12-7 shifts)
  • plan board game & movie nights End of June is looking good.
  • look up books on my two meditation experiments Not a lot on body scan but I have a LOT of Mindfulness books on hold.
  • one Italian lesson Re-did BOTH the introductory lessons and moving on.
  • write in my spending journal It’s easy when I have no money…
  • eat my veggies 3.5 servings, technically, but I’m going with it.

Today it’s going to be a little easy-going, as I have another very busy day and a lot to do. But I can still tackle a few bootcamp things:

  • eat my veggies
  • write in my spending journal
  • take care of my insurance
  • print off and fill out my Health Spending Account forms
  • load my harmonica practice music on my iPod & iPad
  • look up some stretching exercises

They’re all easy and 2-5 minute goals but every little step counts, right? RIGHT?!?

June Bootcamp: June 6

I did pretty well yesterday but I didn’t check in. Yesterday, I did the following:

- read 2 chapters of my PD book
- picked 2 kinds of meditation to read more about (mindfulness and body scan)
- ate my veggies (4 servings!)
- wrote in my spending journal

And today here’s what I hope to get done:

- exercise (actually done already, hooray for 12-7 shifts)
- plan board game & movie nights
- look up books on my two meditation experiments
- one Italian lesson
- write in my spending journal
- eat my veggies

Not much but let’s see how it goes with my late night.

June Bootcamp: June 4

I was recovering from some weird bug but I knew I needed to get on top of this or else I’d lag behind, so I did one thing: I got my budget book set up and I started writing in it! It’s dumb but hopefully it will help me work towards my financial goals. I mean, I can’t get out of debt if I don’t know how I’m spending my money, right? Right.

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