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Be a better musician

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I would like to pick up the trumpet again, when I have more time (as if!! lol) and before I rent out part of the house. I would to just learn “Feels So Good” by Chuck Mangione, that would be enough for now.

workbook part 2

I’ve been pretty good about doing the exercises in the workbook, mostly during dead time, like when I’m at physio. Making steady progress. :c)


Have entered into an arrangement with a piano teacher friend to learn and be tested in theory. Received my new workbook from her and am going through it and completing the exercises.

Also spending time working with Guitar Pro musical notation software.


course cancelled

The next course in the series was cancelled – that’s the second time. It’s not a bad thing in terms of time, expense, and giving me an opportunity to study independently in advance of the next course…but of course it’s a pain in the butt, since it extends the completion time of my university certificate another half year.

I’ve been taking some private guitar lessons and have lots of stuff to play with for a while, not to mention a few guitar DVDs. And a book on theory.


learning tons in the course!! :c) Increases my practice time a bit, too.

Taking a course

Signed up for a “Continuing Studies” course in musicianship @ UNBC. It’s one of five courses required for a “Certificate in Music Fundamentals”, but it has value on its own, since it is performance-focused.

There are some other courses offered, of which “Acoustics and Recording Techniques” is the most hands-on, and likely to actually improve my skill level.


It’s an indefinite goal, i.e. it’s open-ended. There is always room for improvement, so it’ll never be complete! :c)

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Choral director

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