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Lose 20 pounds


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Donnale has written 4 entries about this goal


I am 35 percent fat. I am 35 percent fat. I went to a dietician and she told me that I am 35 percent fat. More than a third of me is fat. I have to start taking this more seriously and start watching my weight. She said I need to reach 22 percent fat and that would mean losing 20 pounds….


Finally- On frday i finally want to the gym- granted I only did 20 min and the 70 year old next to me joked at me- but i haven’t been to the gym for over a year- so this is defintely good! I also did not buy any junk food over the weekend! YAY!!


So I didn’t go to the gym… I had chocolate mousse for dessert,luckily today is a Jewish fastday…

The war must begin!!!

Ok, after getting really skinny last summer- and then gaining everything back this past year, and being so depressed over everythng that has gone wrong, I should defintely dothis so I will feel better about myself… It actually seems so much easier than my other goals… Plus if I actually want to achieve my first goal of getting over my Ex – and eventually dating other people I might as well look the part. I think I weigh something around 160 pounds- so there is defintely work to be done. Short term goal- Go tomorrow to the gym and not snack!


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