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Driving stick shift!

So this is worthy of note: I drove a car for the first time ever, and it was a 1969 Karmann Ghia! I look forward to the next time I’ll drive it. My friend is teaching me.

I have lots of things to look forward to

I discovered it’s easier when I have new things to look forward to, because the old ones get boring while I wait for them. And I did lots of the things I wrote about last time. Actually, now that you look at it, I did everything that I wanted to do in my last entry! That’s a good accomplishment.

I am looking forward to taking a solo trip to the art museum soon. I think it would be nice to go alone. And then I will think of something else to look forward to before I finish that, so I will always have something happy planned. The life-is-worth-living quotient is almost back up to its old levels again.

It'll be like a game.

If I can’t find anything, then I’ll make stuff up. Like tomorrow, I’m going to take my pet dinosaur to the zoo.


I’d like to try and use the star chart I printed soon, to complete my goal of “learning the constellations.” Also, tomorrow hopefully I will get to talk to one of the priests I’ve been looking to chat with for a while now, and I will try to join the choir, and get lots of other things done…and hopefully soon I will have a bike to use to get around! Seems like tomorrow will be a good day already!

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