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Get old without being a nasty sod

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Update -- 6 years later

Still working on this after all these years. I’m getting older—that was guaranteed. I am fairly nasty but maintain superficial cheer out in public. I also avoid the public as if I were Greta Garbo! Fairly ridiculous!

No progress

It’s a difficult world out there. The older and more fragile people are we paradoxically become more critical; more sniping, more self-justifying. We would rather be right than happy. I need to work hard on this goal.

Get Old

It’s human history: the old lament the young; the world is going to hell in a handbasket, or a handcar, or a basketball or a pocketbook…whatever vehicle we take outselves to hell in. I’d rather go to hell in a Honda Civic, myself.

When I was young I noticed it. Older people. The prim little frowms of disapproval. The superciliious yawns. The superiority. And I didn’t like it.

I have become one of them. No, I certainly have not gone so far as to become a Republican….but I have become one of those people who clutches her pocketbook closer when walking down a dark street at night. One of those people who believes that “the youth” no longer can venerate culture.

Somewhere along the way I became supercilious.

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