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be fabulous

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not so fab any more

Well, wow have I gotten off track. I am so frumpy now! I’ve totally given up. I think its because my boyfriend makes me feel like a tub of worthless shit! I need to get back to trying to make myself feel good and be fabulous again!

Photo shoot, fashion show, etc..

I did a photo shoot, and my picture was up in a gallery! I went to the opening, and it was really strange seeing people standing there staring at my photo… I felt so proud,its so lovely! I had on killer shoes! I was shmoozing with artists, I felt great! It was alot of fun!
I’m also going to be a model in a fashion show! This Saturday!I’m so excited! This is going to be so fun. And I am going to be fabulous!

I was fabulous in LA

I wore high heels every day, I carried my Fabulous purse with me. I felt good about myself every day, I never felt fat or ugly. A couple times I actually felt “over dressed”. Its usually the opposite! I bought a really cute shirt, I bought some great shoes. I really tried to have fun and feel good. It worked! We went to Goth night at This incredible bar…and I actually had 3 people comment on my hair being cute, and one girl in the bathroom actually told me I was so beautiful! Wow! That really made me feel good. I guess if you feel good, then you look good to others, its all in the way you feel that you project out to others!

being fab!

I wrote on my bathroom mirror: BE FABULOUS! Every time I see it , it reminds me to feel good about myself etc…I have started putting on my make up and doing my hair naked! This is really unusual for me. I have never been one to walk around naked at home…even when no one is there. Right after sex I usually put clothes on right away. This is really helping me to feel more comfortable with my body and feel better about myself!
SYNCRONICITY: Going to ATC, with my friend Les, and seeing the “Fabulous” purse! It actually said “Fabulous” on it!He bought it for me!

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