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Doing good

After being in a state where I couldn’t run for the bus 6 months ago I somehow brough everything around. I exercise 6 days a week, three swimming and three general exercising (sit ups, push ups etc.), these alternating. I’m looking and feeling better, and I’ve lost over 5 inches from my waist. 5! I used to wear a 36” just comfortably and now a 32” hangs off me even when I wear I belt! I’ve toned up and lost fat, and I’ve kept a stable weight for 2 months now, which was the thing I was most scared of not being able to achieve. My diet could be better, but for a student it’s bloody amazing. I know this is something that is never “fullfilled” in the sense I can forget about it and be satisfied that I did it, but I must say I feel bloody great as it is.

Doing much better

Over the last nine weeks I have been living away from home on account of getting a summer job. I decided to use this as a time to change my habits, and it’s really payed off so far.

I ate less, and better things. The work I was doing was strenious, and in the evenings I excercised my muscles so as well as loosing fat I toned my muscles.

From the complements (and the fact none of my clothes fit me) I think it’s been worth it.

Sure, I still wouldn’t what you’d call “fit”, just “thinner” and “healthier”, but this asphetic improvment deffinatly has given me the determination not to go back to my old ways and keep on going since I know from first hand experience that I am capeable of changing.

The only problem is I’m moving to University next week, so I’ll have to see what kind of lifestyle is available to me there. I can see me hoping for afternoon lectures and excerising last night off in the morning very regulary…

Perhaps I should stop putting this off

I ran for the bus today since I knew I would have made a friend wait for me if I missed it. It had already gone away from the stop I was approaching, so I turned around and ran around the back of some houses, down a lane, through a car park and accross a road to just meet it three stops down.

This was just over 400 yards, and I was knackerd. I was sweating and I barely had breath to ask for my ticket. It took me the whole journey to stop sweating and to get my breath back. Just over 10 minuets I’d say it was. 10 minuets to catch my breath!

To add insult to injury my legs have been stiff most of the day now because of this.

This really made me see how bad my fitness is, even if my current diet is able to keep my weight at a reasonable level. I NEED to change this.


Since I have a few months off for summer, and, lets be honest, have never been in great shape I felt this time before University would be a good time to get into a new routine.

I’m still finalising day plans, but as things are set out I’m going to start on next Tues (the 23rd).

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