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Be Punctual

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off to make this happen

Going to be on time today! I’m determined! Be back later to spread some wonderful cheers :)

Working on it

Definitely room for improvement still…

Friday was good!

I was precisely on time for all four appointments! Two self care, two for clients. And I turned down the opportunity of working with an unexpected client who wanted in at the last minute to honor my evening plans. Feeling better about this :)


Leaving the house in a timely manner has not been making it to the top of my priority list. Still experiencing “inner dissonance” here as my sweetie would say. Got an exercise that I think is going to help though, for articulating my values, and allowing me to stay more true to my needs/values in each moment.


seem tougher. Just harder to get up the enthusiasm to prioritize racing around being places on time. Speaking of which, I better scoot so that I can go set up for my photography shoot!


been mixed on my punctuality (or lack there of) lately. Today was good though, with being ready to go, complete with Hot Stones for both my clients before they arrived :)

On time :)

Was set, and ready to go, 5 min before the appointed hour today. Welcomed my client into my treatment room 3 min early :) Now to learn to end on time as well…

Ran late again today

5 min late to my doctor’s appointment (hadn’t had time to eat, so I was busy stuffing food in my face on my way out the door after D & L left)

10 min late with first client (hadn’t left time in scheduling to go home and change)

10 min EARLY for second client :)

Right on time to gym.

—noticing that mostly my getting out the door issues revolve around having food in my belly and time to shower. Thinking I need a new goal about showering and eatting as soon as I get up. Oh, and of course, getting up earlier ;)

need an alarm to leave

I keep underestimating how long it’s going to take me to get ready and out the door for work, and as a result keep getting started a few minutes tardy sigh

Yesterday's report

4 min late starting with first client (I hadn’t left enough time for lunch.)

On time with second client – actually ready 4 min before appointed hour.

On time with 3rd client :)

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