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Dazzling December Dream Scavenger Hunt

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41. Mistletoe (10/43)

Mistletoe was very hard to come by in this town. Every place I went to was sold out or they didn’t carry it. I managed to find this as soon as I’d given up on it!

29. Cards (9/43)

I got so many cards this year that I actually ran out of space around the arch I was hanging them up on. Thanks to all the 43Ters who sent me one!! Getting so much mail made this holiday season extra bright! :)

2. Tradition (8/43)

My family goes to Denny’s every Christmas Eve. This tradition started after not being able to find a family friend’s new house one Christmas Eve and remembering that Denny’s was open in the movie the Santa Clause. lol

21. Stockings (7/43)

Everyone in my family has a stocking. Even our dog. :)

11. Wrapping it up (6/43)

I’ve been staying on top of wrapping presents as soon as they come in the mail. Shopping online has made my Christmas shopping so much easier this year! No bumming rides from my mom to get to the mall.

27. Nutcracker (5/43)

In the form of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz! If they hadn’t been so expensive I would have been tempted to get him and the Scarecrow!

12. Dropping the ball (4/43)

Calendars.com really dropped the ball with discreet packaging this holiday season… And of course FI is the one who got the mail when it came in.

Uh no dear, it’s not a calendar… It’s a dog toy…

5. Presents (3/43)

Presents! With the gifts from my secret santa front and center. So excited! :)

9. Bell (2/43)

So technically this Bell has an e on the end, but after noticing it while sitting at the desk I couldn’t pass up the Disney connection. ;) I bought this pen two years ago at Disney On Ice.

10. Christmas tree (1/43)

FI and I decided to go with an artificial tree this year to save on costs over the next two years. We went out on Black Friday for it and it’s our own Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Putting the decorations on it makes it look A LOT fuller than it actually is. lol

There are even presents ready to go already! :)

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