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live frugally, but richly and deliciously.

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This is a silly one

but instead of buying little stickers to ornament my journal, I have started cutting pictures out of magazines and sticking them in…..so far I have a trifle, some candles and a pink and blue wreath as the Christmas magazines head for the recycling.

So many of my goals are actually the same

albiet with different names, so this one and ‘have a monthly budget’ are now merged. After all, I want to stick to living within my means, so I can have a more interesting life.

As I am losing weight

but don’t want to buy new clothes, spend two hours today taking down all the items I have packed away with my winter clothes that have been too small for me. Some of them are still too small, which tells me that I must have put on two stone over the last few years, not the one I had thought (amazing the tricks the mind will play!!!!) but got some nice stuff there, especially underwear and some nice tops. They will keep me feeling special and undowdy for the next few months, by which time we will be in to autumn and warmer clothes anyway. Have packed away some overly baggy items in their place, and put the ones that are really hidious in the bag for charity. That sounds terrible… but hopefully somebody else might like them :-S

First step

is one I keep putting off – I need a budget!! I do live within my means even on my recession reduced salary, but that’s not enough. Jne will be my budget month. Argh, so not looking forward to this :-)

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