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Make my house *MY* house

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College is almost over

so this goal moves to the top of the list again. Made shelves out of old bannisters and currently organising all my history related books neatly on them, trying to throw out whatever I don’t want as I go along (but in reality, keeping everyting). My archery/re-enactment kit now looks a bit tatty in the room, which I think is a good sign – the room is starting to look better :-) Washed the net curtains and clearned the windows too, and the whole room looks brighter and happier. Just need to be a bit (a lot) more ruthless with the decluttering!

Bought curtain material yesterday and dropped it over to M to be made up

that will take three or four weeks as she is busy making costume for a pantomine. How cool is that? Anyway, that gives me time to get that room in to shape. I don’t have the money to get plastering work done as I had intended, but have been quite extravagant on the curtains and feel perfectly happy that they will make that room into one that reflects my personality etc. the colours and patterns have suggested a colour for the walls too, which I hadn’t been able to come up with before. I am just going to paint over the existing wallpaper, I know it’s a real DIY faux pas but I think it will look very well and I will worry about the plastering in a few years when I am less cash strapped. The important thing is to get some progress on the room, the wooden floors are down ten years and I had always intended to change the wallpaper to something that showed up the beauty of the colours in the wood. No more hanging around!!

New bannisters are in

and they are GEORGOUS…......saved the old ones in keeping with frugal abundance goal, and will make shelves out of them for the box room. It would have been sensible to put the stair carpet back on after the work, but in keeping with the BE LESS SENSIBLE goal, I left it off – the annoyance of trotting up and down avoiding all the little spikey carpet grips will motivte me to get the new carpet chosen and laid….. I hope…..

My new bannisters

are to be installed on thurssday. I am getting quite excited… can’t believe I am actually going to have exactly what I want, and also nervous – obviously won’t be able to have fabulous perfefct wooden turned bannisters and leave the rest of the house neglected….

Looking at all the lovely fabric

on fabric.com….. very inspirational, and many of them reasonably priced.

Sent my contracter a rather terse message

and he responded right away. After ignoring all my polite and chatty ones. He is to contact me this week, so maybe I can FINALLY get going on some of the work I have saved up for. Before I have the money all flittered away.

Been thinking about this a lot lately

And going to start with a few small steps. Like painting the bathroom (the smallest room in my house). I have painted a few trail colours on the wall and one of them is really growing on me. Enjoying indulging myself this way, nobody to criticize, or comment, or tell me it isn’t suitable. I want an ‘aqua’, one of those hues that can’t decide if it is blue or green. And everything else in there that I can paint will be a soft white. Neat and clean and lovely.

It suddenly dawns on me that I hate my bannisters

These are not MY bannisters!! My stairs are not warded with hidiousness :-)


I can’t live with my sitting room any more! It was lovely 15 years ago when I decorated it last, and I must admit fashions have gone full circle so that the wallpaper etc is right back on trend now :-) But it’s just not me. And it has swirls in the ceiling plaster, which drive me crazy. And it’s funny how I have been living with it all this time and not noticing just how much I don’t like it, but subconsciously it’s been niggling away. It has to change.

The cooker is installed

and it worked. Yipee, it’s fabulous

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