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I can turn you.

I don’t think people even know what is out there for them. Immortal vampires are very… Well, mentally strange and also rare to find. After all the changes and life situations, many of them go insane or unstable. Even though they have immortality they lose their head and soul. Sorry if any blood vampires feel offended, but admit it you have issues.
I myself don’t really like vampires because of their instabilities and the way they reason. Although like all people they are different from vampire to vampire. Anyway let’s cut my speech and get to what you people want to know:
I CAN turn you into a vampire, but only one kind of a vampire currently (unless you are willing to provide me with a immortal vampire).
• What will you gain: Thirst for blood, urge to cut and bite flesh, small physical advantage, a criminal record, a new way to see the world, ability to travel Europe, a family of vampires, protection, deeper understanding of people and some others…
• What will you lose: Your family which you won’t be able to visit (possible sometimes but rarely), your sanity, ability to hold a steady relationship, connection to the outside world, freedom, individual rights and many more…
• What is needed from you: You must be at least 18* (but we can start planning as early as you wish), not extremely religious, some way of income, being able to leave your home forever, sign some documents, and sadly you may never leave the vampire family after you are turned.
• * – After you turn you have a chance of dying. After you turn you will go insane for a long period of time, and most likely you will have to be kept in a cage or a contained area. This initial process is about a year long. Vampirism is not something you do in one night. You cannot be turned and then go off with your normal life.
• *
– Vampires can not survive on donors or animal blood (it is simply as stupid as a person eating grass all your life). You will be hunted by police, witches, fanatics and hunters. All of these people will shoot you on sight. It is very difficult and not likely to survive alone as a vampire.
Once again it is hard for vampires to maintain a relationship, especially if they are human. Sorry people don’t date ice-cream, dogs don’t date doggy treats and vampires don’t date humans. Before you fall in love and say they are the only, you will must live together for a year. If the human gets eaten well I guess that won’t work.

Vampires travel a lot so don’t worry you won’t have to sit in one house all your life. If you are interested or have any questions leave your emails and I’ll get back to you when I can.

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