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I Just Want My Pants Back

Finished this book last night – The motivation to finish it was per my friend, Derek, as he finished the book before I did. It was a quick read, once sticking with it. I liked it.

Some Girl(s)

Read another Neil LaBute play over the weekend – was very very good. I would like to see them performed and read more LaBute plays.

Candy Freak

Started Candy Freak today…I’m almost half-way through, at this point. I do like the explanations of obsession and, yes, the book makes me completely desire chocolate and candy more than I already do…which, I didn’t think, was possible. Very fun read…

Seconds of Pleasure - Neil LaBute

Finished reading Neil LaBute’s collection of short stories, ‘Seconds of Pleasure.’ I can’t say I would recommend it to others – unless he/she is a Neil LaBute fan an already knows what the stories must be like…this is written in the distinct style that is LaBute, often shocking, dark, and honest.

Love is a Mix Tape

Finished ‘Love is a Mix Tape…’ over the weekend. It was a very well-written story of love, loss, music…I enjoyed reading it and, I think, I learned a lot from it as well. I would like to write a book like this one.

Peace Vs. Certainty

I finished reading Eleanor Rigby today…this is a Coupland novel. I really liked the beginning. I was into the character development and theme…and then, wasn’t as pleased with Act II. Seemed to become unecessarily complex. Still, overall, a good read.

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